Pen stamps

Pen Stamps – Self Inking in Dubai.

Pen stamps, while in self inking model. Rainbow stamp can make any color for the your pen stamp. This stamps you can take with you any where, and however.

Comfortable, Flexible, Portable, and this is Wonderful foe the business peoples.

Pen Stamps Dubai
Self Inking Pen Stamps.

Pen Stamps:

Self Inking – Pen stamp can make three design, with Name, Position, and some Address.

Maximum can occupied 36 character in clear impression. Rubber – Pad thus will fit inside the Pen cap. Just open it, and then stamp it. Will prepare you the different colors of Ink as you like. Pen stamp or Pocket stamps are the self inking stamps it’s will bring the ink automatically from the pad.

Design your custom details in your pen you can stamp, while and have it any where in your pocket. Rainbow Stamps make this stamps in Blue, Black, Red, Green, Purple.

This pen stamp is not only using for the business purposes, while for the personal uses also.

Self Inking Stamp Dubai

Rainbow Stamps – No.1 Self Inking Stamp Maker in Dubai we doing all kind of Stamps like,

Heavy Duty Stamp

Big size stamps will customized with the heady duty stamp and thus the size of the is quite big. Heavy Duty Stamp is Good for long time uses.

Pre Inking Stamp

Same model of Self Inking Stamp will made for solid imprint and while print the design in perfect place. And this stamps main use for Readymade Stamps and not possible to change the design of the content.

Flash Stamp

Same model of Self Inking Stamp will made for solid imprint and while print the design in perfect place.

Pocket Stamp

Take your stamp with you, this stamp is well suitable for the running people, business people can have there self inking stamp with them.

Handy Stamp

Thus Personalized handy stamp will be very nice to have and more portable. While very comfortable to use it for the document stamping.

Accounting Stamp

Above Company Rubber Stamp are customized as per the customer need and there logo with the Company name. Accounting Stamp is the readymade stamp and having the text already we can change the color for the stamp as we need.

Office Stamp

Office Stamp also the readymade stamp and we can do it in different size and we can make the customer need color for the stamp.

Ready Made Stamp

Readymade stamp the highly moving item and this is the cheap and bulk quantity stamps preparation and we are giving very good price for the readymade stamp coming self inking stamp Dubai.

Tax Stamp

Tax Invoice stamp is for the newly announced VAT ( Value Added Tax ) process we need the stamps namely – TAX INVOICE and we need the stamps with Tax Number also the company. We are going this stamp in Self Inking Stamp Dubai.

Urgent Stamp

Self Inking Stamp Dubai we can make it in 30 minutes for the customer if they need. and there is some procedure and process to make the self inking stamp in urgent basic called as Urgent Stamp.

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